Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly

Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly is everything you would want in a small batch gourmet pepper jelly -- full flavor included! Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly is a classic combination of pecans and peppers combined into the perfect pepper jelly. Pecan trees and peppers are true loves of Southern charm and flavor.  The original flavor of pepper jelly with the perfect punch of flavor anyone can enjoy! The surprising full flavor combo of pecans and peppers is seriously mouthwatering with a true Southern kick to your taste buds which they will thank you for.  10 ounces

  • contains fresh cut Jalapeno Peppers and Louisiana Pecans
  • full flavor in classic pepper jelly form 
  • small batch Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly with the perfect amount of flavor and heat
  • delicious on cream cheese, meat glaze, sandwiches, vinaigrette, & more! 
  • Certified Louisiana Product